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Reinvest In Minnesota (RIM) Reserve - Clean Energy

Legislative charge completed by BWSR

Under Section 103F.518 of Minnesota Statutes, BWSR is required to:

  1. Establish the RIM Reserve Clean Energy (RIM-CE) program in consultation with a BWSR-appointed technical committee. This program will enroll privately owned land in targeted areas of the state to be used for bioenergy crop production.
  2. Designate project areas, giving high priority to areas near cellulosic biofuel facilities or bioenergy production facilities, and to areas where there are impaired waters, and to other areas where these land uses would support existing state or local natural resource objectives.
  3. Develop a tiered payment system for RIM-CE easements based partly on the benefits of the bioenergy crop production for water quality, soil health, reduction of carbon inputs, soil carbon storage, biodiversity and wildlife habitat.
  4. Appoint a technical committee to ensure that public benefits are secured along with bioenergy crop production.


In September 2007, the BWSR-appointed Technical Review Committee began planning a strategy to establish the RIM-CE program. University of Minnesota's role The University of Minnesota's Center for Integrated Natural Resources and Agricultural Management is a key partner in developing a clean energy program. When this program is established, U of M faculty and staff will be consulted on the following aspects of the program:

  1. Developing administrative procedures,
  2. Creating an adjustable soils-based price schedule that reflects land market values and other factors, and
  3. Proposing easement programs that reduce landowner risk and enhance public benefits over time.

Summary of procedures related to pricing and contract structure

More about the University of Minnesota's work related to clean energy


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