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RIM Riparian Buffer Conservation Easements

BWSR has received funding through the Clean Water Fund (from the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment) to establish and restore permanent conservation easements on riparian buffers to keep water on the land in order to decrease sediment, pollutant and nutrient transport, reduce hydrologic impacts to surface waters and increase infiltration for groundwater recharge. Additionally, through an appropriation from the Outdoor Heritage Fund, buffers may be extended for wildlife habitat purposes.

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2014 Landowner Application Process

Buffer Application Deadline: June 30th, 2014

Online Training

The web training walks you through program information as well as instructions on how to use the forms needed to complete your landowner applications. Those that submitted an RFP are required to listen to the training.

SWCD Guidance Materials

This guidance documentation outlines the enrollment criteria and conditions that will govern the sign‐up for this RIM Reserve conservation easement program on eligible riparian buffer lands. This guidance should be considered additive to existing RIM policy and procedure.


Determining Eligible Lands

Eligible lands will be directly adjacent to certain pre-determined riparian areas. For applications utilizing OHF Funds, additional points are given for adjacency to shallow lakes as identified by DNR Wildlife. These areas are now available in shapefile format for use with ArcMap. The data is inside compressed ".zip" files. To extract the contents, right-click the ".zip" file, click Extract All, and then follow the instructions. The shapefile(s) can then be added to your ArcMap project. If you need assistance, please contact Seth Weeks.


Landowner Application Materials Required


For an example of a complete application package, click here PDF




SWCD RFP Process


The web training walks you through program information as well as instructions on how to use the tools and forms needed to complete your application.


Riparian Buffer Ecological Ranking Tool:

Use this dataset to help locate high-priority project areas (catchments) in your county. This tool was created using customized versions of BWSR's Ecological Ranking Tool datasets, making it possible to identify and target areas on the landscape that are at risk for soil erosion or contributing sediment to surface waters.


The RFP Application

Note that tabs i. Applicant Information, 1. Proposal Area, 2. Water Plan & Quality Priority, 3.Readiness to Proceed are required. The 4. Wildlife Buffer Expansion tab is required onlyif you intend to apply for LSOHC funds (only available for project areas within the LSOHC Prairie Region).


Submit your RFP Application to BWSR:

Once you have completed your RFP application, click the button below to send it to BWSR.


Need Help?

  • Materials from RFP Round 1 (FY2012) can be found here.

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