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Resource Management and Planning

County Comprehensive Local Water Management

Metro Watershed Management

Watershed Districts and Watershed Management Organizations

Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) Plans

Annual work plans and SWCD Comprehensive Plans are reviewed by BWSR staff. For more information, see the

SWCD Operational Handbook

Working Lands Watershed Restoration Program

Program Overview and Updates

Groundwater Plans (Metro area)

Overview of Metro Groundwater Plans and related resources

Ecological Ranking Tools

GIS tools to help target critical landscape areas for conservation work. For more information click here:

Ecological Ranking Tools Web Page

Prioritize, Target, and Measure Application (PTMApp)

The Prioritize, Target, and Measure Application (PTMApp) is a software application developed to support watershed planning and implementation.  PTMApp consists of an Arc GIS Toolbar application and a web application portal to view PTMApp data products.

Water Management Planning Resources and Publications


Fact sheets

Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources

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