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Soil Erosion Prediction Models

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Video:  WEPP Science Introduction and PowerPoint presentation  (NRCS, 2018)
Time:  23:28  Water Erosion Prediction Project

Video:  WEPP Demonstration and Use  (NRCS, 2018)
Time:  54:35

Video:  IET2 Demonstration  (NRCS, 2018)
Time:  31:13

Video:  Overview of Session 1  (NRCS, 2018)
Time:  16:37

Video: Demonstration of WEPP in more detail  (NRCS, 2018)
Time:  1:00:27;  This session includes cover crops, kill crop, mulch/manure additions, weed growth, irrigation, etc.

Video:  WEPS WebStart Demonstration  (NRCS, 2018)
Time: 36:04;  This video also includes an overview of planned timeline and implementation of WEPP

Video Series:  Integrated Erosion Tool

An Introduction to the Integrated Erosion Tool (IET) from the Conservation Planning Boot Camp.
Presented by Johnny Chism, Resource Conservationist, Harrison, Arkansas
10 lessons:        

Introduction  Time: 9:28
Lesson 1, Setup and Create IET Layer Time: 3:37
Lesson 2, Adding and Editing Managements Time: 6:03
Lesson 3, Saving and Copying Managements Time: 2:02
Lesson 4, Selecting Soil and Climate Information Time: 2:03
Lesson 5, Entering Slope and Practice Information Time: 1:56
Lesson 6, Entering Region Barrier Information Time: 1:42
Lesson 7, Running and Saving the Scenario Time: 1:04
Lesson 8, View and Save Results Time: 2:59
Lesson 9, Create a Custom Crop Management Time: 6:16

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