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Vegetation-Species, Seeding and Seed Mixes

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Formal Training:  Herbaceous Vegetation Practices  (BWSR, 2018)
Time: 32:00; This training is an introduction to NRCS practice standards that establish herbaceous vegetation to treat resource concerns.  It provides a broad overview and comparison of 11 conservation practice standards.  In addition, participants work through selecting alternatives for an example resource concern and client.  

Seedbed preparation:

Video: Seedbed Preparation – USDANRCS Texas (NRCS, Aug 2015)
Time: 6:17; This video depicts the importance of proper seedbed preparation and describes steps in preparing a proper seedbed


Video: Preparing Land for Seeding Native Grasses & Plants   (Texas A&M Extension, Dec 2013)
Time: 1:37; Preparing the seedbed correctly will increase the likelihood of seed germination and a successful planting.  The equipment to achieve the best seedbed and pictures showing the difference between a good and bad seedbed will be covered.


Video:Warm Season Grasses (1 of 5) “Site Preparation” (Missouri Conservation Dept, Jun 2011)
Time: 5:21; Step 1 of 5 on planting and managing native warm season grasses.

Calibrating Seeding Equipment:

Video:  How to set your grass drill for native grass seed (Bamert Seed, Feb 2014)
Time: 6:17; This video demonstrates the basics of drill seeding native grass seed. Topics covered: differences in a native seed drill and a grain drill, components of the drill, and calibrating the drill.

Video: Native Warm Season Grass Drill Calibration  (NRCS, Jul 2016)
Time: 16:27; Jake Watson, USDA NRCS and Michael McCord discuss how to calibrate a drill for Native Warm Season Grasses.  Filmed on location at Fall Creek Falls Farms in Pikeville TN


Webinar:  Matching Appropriate Seed to Conservation Practices (NRCS, Nov 2015)

Time: 1:00; Learn about ecotypes and ecological restoration planning tools for greater long term conservation planting success.

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