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Wetland Regulation


Documents regarding wetland regulation:

General Wetlands Information:

Wetland Regulation


General Permitting Information

Agencies representing three levels of government (federal, state, and local) in Minnesota regulate certain activities that affect the course, current, and cross-section of lakes, wetlands, rivers and streams.

Work affecting the course, current, or cross-section of a lake, wetland, river, or stream may require a permit from one or all of these agencies.

The DNR Public Waters Work Permit Program Link to DNRapplies to those lakes, wetlands, rivers, and streams identified on DNR Public Waters Inventory maps Link to DNR. The Wetland Conservation Act applies to nearly all wetlands except those regulated by the DNR Public Waters Work Permit Program. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Link to Corps of Engineersregulates all waters of the U.S. and often has overlapping regulations with the DNR and the Wetland Conservation Act.

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