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Drainage Work Group

The Drainage Work Group (DWG) was first established as a stakeholder group to advise the preparation the Public Drainage Ditch Buffer Study, which was published by BWSR in February 2006. This Study Work Group discussed a range of topics regarding buffer strips and drainage and developed a number of consensus recommendations, which are presented in Section 6 of the study report. In 2006, the Study Work Group agreed to continue to meet as the stakeholder Drainage Work Group (DWG), with continued facilitation provided by the BWSR.

To view DWG fact sheet, meeting notes, associated documents, and consensus recommendations to the legislature, etc., click here.

Drainage Management Team

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The Drainage Management Team (DMT) is an interagency team comprised of staff members from state and federal agencies and academic institutions that meet regularly to coordinate and network regarding primarily agricultural drainage topics.

To view DMT fact sheet, charter, etc., click here.





Statewide Drainage Related Projects

Minnesota Public Drainage Manual MPDM) Update Project (to end 10/31/16)

BWSR received a legislative appropriation and direction in the FY14-15 biennium to update the Minnesota Public Drainage Manual (MPDM) (published in 1991) and the Understanding Minnesota Public Drainage Law (UMPDL) document (published by the Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) in 2002).

For more information about this important project, click here.

Drainage Records Modernization & GIS Database (DRMGD) Project (to end 12/31/16)

This project is funded by a 2014 LCCMR grant. The purposes of the project are to:

1) develop a GIS database template with data standards for use by county and watershed district drainage authorities, their staff and consultants for public drainage systems administered under M.S. Chapter 103E Drainage;

2) enable accessibility to all for uses such as water management modeling, planning and implementation, including the possibility of future periodic collection of data from drainage authority users of the standard template into a statewide database;

3) update the Drainage Records Modernization Guidelines, Sept. 2008; and make the database, guidelines and data available via a web-based, public data portal such as the Minnesota Geospatial Commons.

  1. For more Information, click here.

Drainage Related Grant and Loan Programs



Annual Ditch Buffer Strip Reporting

In 2007, the Minnesota Legislature added Section 103E.067 to drainage law, requiring drainage authorities to submit a report to the Board of Water and Soil Resources providing information regarding public drainage ditch buffer strip establishment and inspection.

To access previous years’ reports and the original Ditch Buffer Strip Study, click here.

Technical Information and Resources

Red River Basin Watershed Management (RRWMB)Board Basin Technical Science Advisory Committee

Minnesota Drainage Law


Wetland Determination

Drainage Fact Sheets


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